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Samuel Slater Experience

museum exhibit of the Liberty Theatre in Webster MA


The Samuel Slater Experience comprises more than twenty unique, immersive exhibits that make the history of the American Industrial Revolution and its people come alive. Here is a preview of a few of them. (Note that some are still under construction.)

Cast of Characters

A dozen different people are featured in the videos that tell the Samuel Slater story, including mill owners, mill workers, and residents of Webster. We will introduce them here. First, let’s meet the mill owners: Samuel Slater, Horatio Slater, and Jedediah Strutt.

Floor Plan

Floor Plan

Exhibits are divided into two groups: exhibits in the right side of the museum floor space trace the life of Samuel Slater from his travel from England to America, eventually to Webster, where he established six textile mills and created the “family system” of manufacturing. The left side of the museum recaptures a bustling Main Street in Webster circa 1910.

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31 Ray Street
Webster, MA 01570

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